Prague – The Architecturally Beautiful City In Europe

Visiting Europe is on the bucket list of a lot of people, trip to Europe is considered to be a trip of a lifetime. However, there is one place in Europe, which one should not miss while visiting Europe. Prague, the architectural gem as it is better know is a world heritage site and it attracts a lot of tourists from around the world every year. Visiting Prague while on a trip to Europe is a must; well there are a lot of people who just visit Europe to visit Prague, that’s the charm of this Czech capital. Prague is at its architectural best with narrow streets medieval looking homes and historic buildings. All those who are planning a trip to this place of magnificent architectural, then a month is not enough, this is something to keep in mind.

When to visit Prague?

Prague is called the city of all seasons so it can be visited at any time of the year; in the fall season the city is full of orange leaves, while in winter’s one can experience the chill; springs are known for the chirping of the birds and summers are sweaty but the blue skies make the city look quite beautiful. Prague doesn’t experience extreme weather, it is neither too hot nor gloomy nor is it too cold and shivery. So the question still stays the same, when to visit Prague? Well according to the people who have been to Prague before, out of all the seasons though all the seasons are good for visiting, but winter is the best time to visit Prague.

Reasons for visiting Prague in winters

  • Prague has fewer tourists in winters.
  • In winter the local residents of the city take a backseat and are seen less in the city.
  • In winter you are not required to get up early in the morning to see the breathtaking view of Prague and the Charles Bridge.
  • There are no long queues, not many people to push and shove; you are free to be in the city as you like.
  • Nothing is closed in the winters, museums and the buildings everything is open.
  • Christmas is the best time in winters to visit Prague. The view of the city is breathtaking during this time.

But if you don’t like the cold then visit Prague in summers; visit anytime you will definitely fall in love with the beauty of this city.

Flight to Prague

Once you have decided on the time of visiting Prague, it is then time for booking Vliegticket praag. There are a number of flights to Prague from places all around the world; some are connecting flights while some are direct. Well before pressing that book flight button there are some important things that one should consider.

  • Price : The first thing to see is the price, most of the search engine help the customers in telling the fare that is being offered by other websites. So one should check and compare the fare, before booking a flight. There are also some booking sites that give discounts to first time customers or rewards in form of cash back for booking a flight with them. Just keep a track of all this.
  • Layovers and the flight time : Check the time properly before booking a flight, if you are going to layover somewhere then see the layover time. A lot of flights have a layover of 6 to 7 hours which is a lot especially when travelling internationally. So make sure that the layover hours are according to the schedule of your other flight, if you are taking an overnight layover then make sure to book a hotel nearby the airport only.
  • Airline : On long international trips it is better to go for a comfortable and a premium airline. There are good budget airlines also but if there is not much difference in the price then there is no point of booking a budget airline. Keep your comfort in mind before booking a flight to an international destination.
  • Insurance : A lot of people tend to skip travel insurance while booking a flight but it is recommended to always add the travel insurance. It costs a little money but then it is for your own safety.

After you are done with booking Vliegticket praag, then it is time to plan your itinerary.

Places to visit and things to do in Prague

  • Visit the old town : So this is the oldest part of Prague and is the first place that tourists should visit. It has some major places to see, there is the astronomical clock which is a great place of European Architecture. Then there is the town hall and the church of St Nicholas. So start your trip by visiting the old town.
  • The Charles Bridge : This is one place in Prague which is absolutely free and is an enjoyable place to be in. The bridge has fortified towers at each end which make it look quite historic.
  • The Prague castle : This historic place is in the centre of the city, in the castle you can see historic building, galleries and museums. Greta place for the history lovers.
  • Cruise on Vltava : The Vltava River is quite ancient; a cruise in the Vltava is an experience of a lifetime. It is a little pricey but is totally worth the money. There is music, dinner and lunch on the cruise, which makes it an unforgettable experience.
  • The night life : Prague’s night life should definitely be experienced. There is good entertainment and quite a number of live music shows. For those who are fond of clubbing there are quite a lot of places to go to.

Those who are planning their next trip to this beautiful city in Europe should keep all these things in mind. Prague is a beautiful city which should be visited at least once in a lifetime, it is a place that everyone would enjoy going to.