Know About Good Longboard Brands And Make Longboarding An Amazing Experience

Out on vacation and have nothing to do? Are your friends coming to meet but you haven’t arranged any sort of entertainment? Thinking what to gift your kid this holiday season? Bored with indoor sports and searching for some fun outside? Then longboarding is what you are looking for and discover about good longboard brands to install the memories of this vacation forever in their mind.

Now the next set of questions, are you an adventure freak? Do you want to be champion of longboarding and make the world your ramp where you could slide and glide freely? Do you want to impress your crush with your exceptional longboarding skills? If that’s the case then you should check good longboard brands and perform extra ordinary stunts with extreme ease.

What is longboarding?

The act of using a longboard for various purposes is called longboarding. It saw its advent in the early 1950s and since then it has always been in demand especially by the teenagers and young adults who view it as a form of competition, entertainment and adventure.

Longboards are very similar to skate board, the only difference being that longboards are longer and wider as compared to skate boards.

Qualities of a good longboard

Longboards come in different shapes, sizes, features, construction and styles, so making a decision will be difficult. They are just like skateboards, but they have longer structure and stronger bodies with bigger wheels making them easier and faster to ride as compared to normal skate boards. 33 to 54 inches is the average length of skate boards while width range is 7 to 10 inches.

  • Deck of longboard: Choose your longboard deck with care as they determine the look of your skate board and impart classy ambience. It can be chosen based on the purpose like travelling, stunts, downhill skating or others. Imagine how cool you will appear while travelling to work on a classy longboard. For these purposes you can buy 33 to 38 inches longboard, as it will be easier for you to maneuver through sidewalks and crowd. The material of the deck can be Maple, Carbon Fiber, Bamboo or Maple- Bamboo hybrid. The purpose of longboard will also determine its length, as for travelling on a flat ground you need a medium and small drop down longboard. If downhill is your playground, then longer length longboards are ideal as they provide better stability.
  • Size of longboard: This factor is entirely activity dependent and good longboard brands should be considered for this purpose. Longboards are broken into small- length, medium- length and long- length longboards and range from 33 to 54 inches and they present you the opportunity to choose something which coordinates with your activities and performance.
  • Special recommendation: Long length longboards are the best

Longboards of long length are fit for various purposes like long range traveling, normal diurnal rides, downhill ranging and are usually between 40 to 54 inches. Most expert long board riders and adults use this size of longboard; you too can use this if you don’t find yourself lagging behind lugging on a heftier longboard. You can select the one suiting you from good longboard brands.

Uses of a longboard

Longboards are multipurpose and you can use them for a wide variety of purposes ranging from fun and entertainment to daily woks like going to office. Here are some of the uses in which you can use your sporty longboard-

  • Transportation: Longboards find travelling as their most common purpose and the size also varies based on this purpose. A shorter board 24 inch to 35 inch may be used and it is recommended to have a kick tail on a commuting board in order to lift the board while riding off curbs and to easily corner it on sidewalks.
  • Freeride: It involves sliding, stunts, flips and other tricks like early grabs at varying speeds. The deck may often have kick tail on both sides to allow tech slides. The dimensions of these decks are 26- 44 inches length and 8.5- 10.5 inches width. Similar construction is used in downhill boards by various companies. Some good longboard brands produce hybrid boards by including kick tails and making the boards lighter.
  • Dancing: It is the most constructive and entertaining use of longboard and is revival of old school tricks which incorporate a plethora of walking an spinning moves. A 45 inches long and 12 inches wide board is considered ideal for dancing, although most of the decks can be carried out on a smaller deck, a longer deck is more comfortable for handling.
  • Travel: Long distance travel can be converted into adventure by using longboard and can be used as the means of utmost fun with family and friends. A lower deck is preferred for such a purpose as it aids in easy and sudden foot braking and pushing, helping you maneuver way readily through crowd.
  • Cruising: Length is the determining factor of a longboard and the cause from which the tool derives its name. Trucks are installed on a longboard for better turning facility than other standard skateboards in the market.
  • Electric longboarding: The electric longboards are a modified form of original longboard which itself is a variant of skateboard. It is a longboard connected with motor, generally on rear wheels and can be used for long distance travel.

Enjoy your time longboarding on the best longboard with your friends. The best part is you can organize a race or a stunt party and spend best time hanging out with them. There are other uses and advantages like once you buy a longboard from any of good longboard brands, it becomes a treasure for whole life. They are long lasting and extremely durable and you can travel on them lifelong if kept in good condition and maintained regularly.

Longboards can be stored as a memory of time spent in good spirits with the people you love. So buy the best longboard from any of the good longboard brands and switch on enjoyment!