Justin Timberlake Praises Esmée

Justin had some nice words to say about Esmée while at his William Rast Fashion Show last week in NYC.

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Justin Timberlake may be cooking up ideas for a new solo album, but when it comes to promoting his new artists promoting his new artists Esmée Denters and Free Sol, he doesn’t need very much inspiration. He knows that his Tennman Records artists have the talent and personality to do great things in the industry.

Timberlake thinks Denters has a magical combination of personality traits and talent. “She’s just so consistently talented. She sings like a little bird,” he told MTV News. “She’s really just fantastic and she’s got great stage presence. She commands the stage, but also there’s something about her, like you want to have coffee with her and talk to her because she’s a good person, and I think that goes a long way. I think to have both of those qualities in the same artist is special.”

He’s also looking forward to having fans embrace his other act, Free Sol. And he’s already given them great exposure by having them play his William Rast fashion show last Wednesday in New York City. “They’re rock stars,” he said. “It’s nice to work them in organically and not feel like ‘Hey you gotta listen to this band.’ I’m trying to find cool ways to implement them into the culture of what it is we already do.”

And while fans are happy to see that Timberlake is actively helping newer artists along, they still want to know when they can hear new music from Timberlake himself. “You know … music exploration, I find that when it comes up … it comes up like a freight train,” he said. “So when it does, I definitely won’t run from it.