How does a wireless fence work?

If you have a dog that is a master of escaping, you can understand the frustration of owners who have tried many different options and spent a lot of money on restraining their dog. No matter what you do, some dogs still find a way to escape. If your dog tries to pass over fencing, there is a containment system in the market that can help. If you are looking for a way to allow your dog to be free and at the same time, keep it within certain limits, a wireless fence is the best option. The dog does not need any leash and will not be limited by any physical barrier. The dog can also stay within limits through the wireless fence even when the owner is not at home. If you decide to take your pet for a walk, but you do not want the dog to disappear from your sight, a wireless fence will be of great help. Check out the post right here!

A wireless fence consists essentially of two parts: a transmitter and a receiver. The receiver is normally installed on the dog’s neck. Once the base station is powered by a 110 V system, and the collar receiver is activated with batteries, it is easy to set the limit within which you want your pet to locate. When you activate the button on the base station, you must bring the collar to the desired limit, and then save the program to the base station to set the limit. The wireless fence is a great help in dog training and can be set up in a few minutes. Some wireless systems allow two dogs to stay within limits. Under the best conditions, the established limit can be up to 200 meters radius.

The base station communicates continuously with the pet’s collar following the distance of the limit set in the yard. The owner has access to critical information about the safety of the dog alerting him or her instantly if the dog attempts to leave the limits. Any attempt by the dog to leave the line causes a sharp tone that is permanent until the dog returns within the limits. Any loss of the pet’s signal is also alerted by clear and visible information signals at the base station. It is a good idea to make sure that large metallic objects such as cars, metal warehouses, etc., do not present any obstructions. Radio signals cannot pass through these objects because they are completely reflected. You should also check the collar regularly to make sure it is not damaged. The collar should be tight enough so that the dog cannot remove it and loose enough to allow the dog to breathe comfortably. Why don’t you check out the post right here!

Plastic fences are a bit cheaper, but you should be aware of your pet’s needs before making a purchase. Metal containment systems are obviously more resistant and if your dog aggressively pursues your escape attempts, the plastic option may not be enough. You can contact the company online or by phone and a representative can help you select the dog-fermentation system that will be best for your needs. The emitter emits an adjustable spherical radio signal between 3 and 25 meters with a maximum surface adding cable of 3000m2.

On the other hand, the dog wears the receiver collar that emits a sound warning when the dog approaches the established limit. If the dog persists the collar applies a deterrent stimulus that surprises the dog and makes it move away. Check out the post right here!

With 6 levels of stimulation, vibration and audible warning:

Like all invisible fence kits, the wireless kit involves a period of learning with the dog to understand and fully understand its limits. When being circular, the dog must have visual references to establish the limits, for that reason the kit includes some flags to place in the limits.

The receiver collar is water resistant so it will continue to work even if it gets wet. It works with a Petsafe RFA-67 battery.

The receiver is very light with 101 grams of weight. The strap is adjustable between 15 and 71cm.

The Petsafe cordless limiter kit can operate with an unlimited number of collars simultaneously. Optional additional collars for outdoor area limiter without Petsafe cable can be purchased.

Wireless anti-leak fence for PETSAFE Wireless electrostatic stimulation for dogs, covering a diameter up to 60m! It is easy to place, there is no cable that should be buried and can move according to the needs.

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The issuing box is placed under shelter. The beam of emission of the waves must be regulated according to the zone that must be delimited. In the beginning, you can delimit the area authorized by boundary flags, which serve as visual cues in the training of your animal. Your animal has a receiver collar whose contactors affect your neck. You can choose the type of correction received by the dog: audible warning only or audible warning and electrostatic correction simultaneously. When your animal reaches the limit of the beam of emission, the receiver collar emits a sound warning. If the dog continues to try to cross the set limit, the collar emits an electrostatic impulse that corrects its bad behaviour.

  • Portable
  • The central station emits an encrypted radio signal that establishes a circular perimeter of a 30m beam
  • 5 adjustable levels of correction
  • Sound BIP mode
  • The low battery indicator on the receiver collar
  • Splash-tight receiver

The collar that works with 6-volt long-life battery RFA67D11 (provided)

Can be used with an unlimited number of dogs provided with PETSAFE Wireless collars!

Note: The wireless station will be located in the centre of the circular confinement area. This area cannot be square or rectangular in shape.

Thanks to check out the post right here, your animal can move freely in the area reserved for you and you can rest assured that you will not access the prohibited sites. The wireless anti-leak fence system uses safe stimulations and a magnetic field to learn your animal to distinguish the areas placed at your disposal to play and those that are forbidden. Even better, contrary to traditional barriers, cages and chains, it is impossible to dig under the fence, bite or jump up.