Do Inversion Tables Offer Any Benefit?

There are thousands of men and women who suffer from various types of back pain, flexion related issues, spinal cord problems, stiffness of joints because of age related issues, diseases of the joints, weak bones, lack of calcium and minerals and various other such issues. There are many conventional ways and means by which people try and manage such problems. While many go in for rehabilitative chiropractic treatments, exercises, physiotherapy and so on, there are others who believe in pain killers and other such treatment to keep pain and discomfort at bay. Painkillers in particular cannot be considered as a safe and viable long term option because of the side effects and dangers associated with it. Hence, there is a need to look at some other ways by which the problem can be handled. It is here that the role of inversion tables could come into play. While opinions are divided about these inversion tables, there is no denying the fact that there are thousands of people who continue to repose faith in it for treating various joint problems and back pains in particular. Hence, it would be ideal to find out whether it makes sense to go in for the best inversion table. The following few lines will most probably give some insight and the much needed information about the same.

What Exactly Are These Tables

When we talk about inversion tables, we are referring to inversion therapy. This is about putting the body in an upside down position to reduce and reverse the impact of gravitational force that the spine is subjected to. This is done with the head tilted downward with the help of a table as support. This supposedly relieves pressure on the nerve roots and discs in the spin. It also is supposed to increase the available space between the vertebrae. There are many supporters of this inversion table therapy, who offer something more too. It could also play a big role in improvement of posture, helping a person to retain his or her height even after ageing. It also goes a long way in perhaps stimulating blood flow to the brain. The position of the abdominal organs also gets adjusted properly. It also could prevent varicose veins and give relief to those who are suffering from it. However, the moot question is whether all these are based on scientific findings or is there more hype and less substance to it. Let us try and find out the answer for the same over the next few lines.

What Does an Inversion Table Offer

According to experts inversion table perform the work of a spinal traction. However, if the traction is not done properly it could lead to more problems than benefits. There have been many instances where the where the traction could stretch the ligaments and muscles in and around the spin. This could provide temporary relief from muscle pain and spasm. This perhaps explains the reason as to why some people get relief from muscle pain and spasms when they are put on inversion table. However, it is not very sure whether the users will be able to get long term relief with the use of these inversion tables. There are some studies which point to short term relief from pain, but there is no to seriously state that inversion tables offer long term relief from various types of back pain, muscle spasms and pain.

It Does Come With Some Risk

Whenever we use such techniques to manage pain and muscle spasm, we have to look at the risks versus benefits and then decide as to which is the best ways forward. There are some proven studies to suggest that regular use of inversion tables without proper guidance and monitoring of doctors could be risky and even dangerous. It could lead to increased blood pressure, lowering of heart rate and could also lead to increased pressure in the eyes. There also have been instances where people have suffered from retinal bleeding which might even put the user at the risk of blindness. It could also lead to blurred vision and headache. Further, even experts in inversion tables do not recommend the use of this treatment for pregnant women. If you are suffering from cardiovascular diseases, neurological problems and high blood pressure, it would be better to stay away from these inversion tables. However, in case you believe that the pain is unbearable then you must take doctor’s opinion and then move forward based on the same.

Are There No Benefits At All

However, at the same time, it would be wrong to suggest that there are hardly any benefits associated with these inversion tables. Yes, they could be helpful for those who are in good health and physical shape. It could be extremely helpful for improving posture and of course those who suffer from chronic pain could also stand to gain a lot using this form of treatment. However, there is a need to spend some time and choose the best inversion table that is of the right height, specifications and functionalities. It should be safe to use and handle and elders and infirm people in particular should find it secure to us without having to worry about falling off from it.

It could certainly work for short term benefits though the long term uses of such treatments are still under a cloud. It could be complementary to a comprehensive long term program for back pain and cannot be used singularly for treating muscular spasms, joints paints, flexion problems and spinal cord problems. Therefore there is no denying the fact that in spite of some bad publications and talks about inversion tables it does offer relieve where it is needed. Many people who suffer from chronic and even excruciating back pain have found relief from it and therefore it is worth being explored in further details. You must get in touch with a chiropractor or a physiotherapist or an inversion table specialist and take their help and assistance and then use it as recommended by them for limited periods of time.